State Run 12"

Image of State Run 12"


State Run split up at the beginning of January 2007. But before calling it a day once-and-for-all, the band decided to record the material they had written since the release of their 7" the previous year. This 12" record collects the final recordings of State Run, and is accompanied by a discography CD-r including the now unavailable Paralysis 7". State Run began in mid-2003 with the gathering of 4 disaffected 13/14 year olds in a house in the retirement town of Porthcawl, with 10 Watt practice amps and confused adolescence. Over the course of the 3 and a half years for which the band existed, the amplifiers got bigger but the confusion remained.

The 12" is fraught with undercurrents of depression and anger alongside aspiration and an anarcho influence. Musically, the band has often been likened to Econochrist, Born Against and Conflict.

A sample mp3 can be downloaded here: Excuse

"Every day starts and ends the same."